diabetes may be coming?

Are you ready?

The least we can all do is learn about this disease and keep it under check. 


it may be the first lifestyle pandemic

Lose weight

all of us are at risk: low or high

1 in every 20 people in India have diabetes and the chances are two times higher in overweight people. As many as Half of these people do not know they already have it; and are diagnosed during an emergency. Almost 50 lakh lives are lost to this disease every year globally. 

assess your risk now

diabetes can have many faces and types

learn about symptoms of lifestyle diseases

Diabetes can present in many ways, but it may also be harming you from the inside without any symptoms. So, if you are more than 40 years or at high risk, a regular screening for lifestyle diseases should become a part of your routine health check-up. If you have high sugar levels, there is 30% higher chance of having high blood pressure too and vice versa.

diabetes reversal is possible but temporary

Diabetes reversal is possible, but never permanent. You will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep taking therapy to keep it under wraps. Yes, reversal can be achieved without medicines in the early stages of disease, but it does not mean that you may never need medicines later. Achieving weight loss is the key to attain reversal of lifestyle diseases.

reversal is not magic: it is a way of life

Remission or reversal is possible with the right approach under professional guidance. the disease goes through stages of unhealthy lifestyle to pre-disease, disease and then to its complications due to various reasons and its reversal just means falling back in line, in an attempt to control or delay it. DO NOT fall for magic routines or pills. And when in remission: 

1. Continue monitoring sugar levels regularly.

2. Accept that you may require medicines eventually, if the disease advances

winning diabetes is easier when we join hands

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