lose weight in a few simple steps

seeds, nuts, sugar free snacks
I lost 8 Kgs in just 2 months after I replaced my regular chakki atta with diabastar multigrain atta & added chia seeds to my breakfast. Try yourself and be the change.
Weight loss
Usha Rani

Lose weight with health foods like seeds, snacks & millets and get them all at one place. We believe that a healthier self can be achieved with: 

  1. a fair professional advice;
  2. quashing prejudices and misconceptions around health lifestyle diseases;
  3. switching to weight loss friendly health products/ snacks for daily needs, and
  4. learning about basics of diet, nutrition & exercise and their implications in lifestyle diseases.
  • YoHealthTM is aimed at empowering the current & prospective health enthusiasts to take control of their own life and help them lose weight fast with a wide array of choices of health products, snacks and superfoods under one roof, at a one of its kind e-store for healthy living and weight loss:  www.diabakart.com
  • A healthy diet will also help in preventing and controlling various lifestyle diseases and even certain cancers.
  • With YoHealth products, diabetes patients can live a fruitful life & reduce the incidence of long-term complications of diabetes. 
  • Our bestsellers include Diabastar multi millet atta with diabetes friendly additives like soya, fenugreek seeds, and high fiber millets like ragi, jau, bajra and bengal gram.
  • Our exclusive range of YoHealth raw chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds adds an extra punch of fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids to your health diet. 

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