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We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified health products company registered under companies act 2013. Moreover, we are a MSME verified enterprise for manufacturing, packaging, as well as retail of health products as an aggregator through retail store and e-commerce. We aim to provide holistic services around healthy lifestyle and preventing diabetes through health products, counselling, consultations etc.

Health product Leaders

health products

Director and CEO/CFO

Ex Banker and Retd. Director, Rural Training Institute, SBI

health products

Director and COO

Ex Engineer and Retd. AGM(Delhi), Area General Manager, MTNL

Brands & trademarks: Health products

DIABASTAR is first and foremost a registered Trademark for Diabetes Friendly Multigrain multi millet Atta which boasts of goodness of seven organic whole grains (whole wheat, bengal gram, soya bean, bajra, jau, ragi as well as methi seeds) and is ground with a traditional chakki which again has no preservatives or additives.

YoHealth is our Trademark Brand in for health products like Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts and berries mixes. We also market unpolished pulses, whole millets, multi millet dalia and khichdi, millet flours like ragi flour and a high protein chilla mix made with assorted pulses and millets.

Certifications: Health products

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FSSAI Registration:

License No. 12722999000606, License No. 13322003000350

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philanthropy partner

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SCC Trust

It is a charitable trust conceived in view of the loving memory of Smt. Chandresh to eventually create a world that is free of diabetes as a result of our efforts in providing free screening and monitoring services for at-risk people so that they can live a fruitful life seeing that their diabetes is controlled and its complications are prevented as well.

Story so far

We have been conducting screening camps for more than one year now and have screened 1000+ people who are at risk of having diabetes and hypertension which in turn helped us to identify and treat 300+ of them so far.


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