Jamun Vinegar


  • is a must have for diabetic patients.
  • provides all the benefits of apple cider vinegar along with added advantage of jamun for diabetic patients. It is diuretic in nature and help is gastric problems.
  • safe and beneficial to consume.
  • Each 10ml contains jamun pulp that is syzygium cumin of 9.0ml.

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  • Jamun vinegar helps in increasing the hemoglobin. Jamun cider contains iron, vitamin C which helps to increase the blood count in the body & supports weight management.
  • Jamun sirka may help to improve skin health. The vitamin c, iron, nutrients in jamun vinegar provide clear and glowing skin by reducing the dark spots and patches on the skin.
  • It is also used as a blood purifier and increase the blood through high iron.
  • Effective in managing diabetes as it slows the rise of blood sugar levels.
  • Helps in urinary problems like urinary tract infection, irritation, etc., diuretic in nature. Helps in gastric disorders & hyperacidity. It improves digestion & strengthens liver.

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